Our Journey

We started with making small Perfume bottles, Christmas ornaments and small sculptures made out of borosilicate glass. Through the years we kept developing our techniques and skills so we can create and be able to blow and shape the glass in a way that serves our creativity and designs.

We launched our first contemporary lighting collection at Furnex Egypt and Maison et Objet Paris; at that time, we were turning most of our efforts and creations to the Lighting design, as we believed in the strong connection between light and glass. The light passing through the transparency of the glass along with the textures, colors, opacity applied; opens an endless possibility in creating lighting structures, units and installations with a character that can transfer happiness.

we opened our Custom design studio, which was aimed to help the commercial, hospitality projects by designing special designs for different spaces and also by manufacturing special design provided by them at a very high quality and helping with the technical aspect.

we created a new decorative LED bulbs collection which we called dandera Lights. Dandera lights is a creative concept of how the club can be by its own a decorative lighting unit; dandera lights has been created and developed for the sake of minimal, efficient, and can be applied to any bulb socket


We created a Flush ceiling lighting collection called FOS; addressing
the pain of the spotlight’s glare on the eye and replacing the ordinary shape with an elegant design. Kafys brand was born, which is a brand serving coffee enthusiasts for a better taste and healthy life. Nobu was Launched; a collection of artistic Knobs applicable for DIY installation at your home drawers.


We created ways to recycle our glass waste, thus announcing that we are a waste-free facility, and planning to be recycling most of the borosilicate waste in
Egypt by the end of the year. Developed Training sessions for learning glass recycling and will start receiving candidates starting in December 2022. Providing 1-day sessions for schools and universities on Environmental awareness,
glass recycling, and how we contribute.